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Sepsis Therapeutics

In order to control the secondary immune response initiated by the endotoxins released from gram-negative bacteria during sepsis treatment by antibiotics, our research institute has recently discovered a unique candidate “DD-S052P”.

Similar to polymyxin B (limited in clinical use due to the toxicity), “DD-S052P” has dual functions, it directly kill the bacteria and binds the endotoxins released as a byproduct of the killing process.

With low toxicity, “DD-S052P” is a promising candidate to treat endotoxin releasing gram negative bacterial infections and multidrug-resistant bacterial infections, which both are currently regarded as a serious public health issues.


Alzheimer's Disease Cure

An effective treatment strategy targeting Gram-negative bacteria and endotoxins that directly affect the onset of Alzheimer’s disease

Development History using DFPep(Dual Functional Peptide)

Development History and Scalability using DFPep-based