Dandi Bioscience: Introduction to innovative technologies.


Sepsis Therapeutics

In order to control the secondary immune response initiated by the endotoxins released from gram-negative bacteria during sepsis treatment by antibiotics, our research institute has recently discovered a unique candidate “DD-S052”.

Similar to polymyxin B (limited in clinical use due to the toxicity), “DD-S052” has dual functions, it directly kill the bacteria and binds the endotoxins released as a byproduct of the killing process.

With low toxicity, “DD-S052” is a promising candidate to treat endotoxin releasing gram negative bacterial infections and multidrug-resistant bacterial infections, which both are currently regarded as a serious public health issues.

  • Absence of DD-S052
  • Presence of DD-S052

LPS removal kit

Polymyxin B, is the primary commercialized component that currently being used to eliminate the endotoxins released during the manufacturing of proteins, however, the conventional Polymyxin B is facing a huge limitation due to its toxicity, to overcome this disadvantage, an LPS removal kit was developed, with ability to remove endotoxin with less toxicity.

  • Endotoxin-contaminated solution

  • Mix DD-SB and incubate for constant time

  • Binding endotoxin with DD-SB

  • Centrifugation to precipitate endotoxin/DD-SB

  • Endotoxin free solution

  • : CNBr-agarose bead

  • : DD-S052

  • : DD-S052/bead complex



Immune anticancer drugs are being developed based on a drug delivery platform that can control immunosuppressive cells and immunosuppressive factors that interfere with the anticancer activity of therapeutic immune cells in tumor microenvironments. In particular, by overcoming the low efficiency (5-30%) of immune gateway inhibitor treatment (ICBT) and to expand the response patient population, we are focusing on developing immune anticancer drugs that can be delivered to tumor microenvironments. The DD-D-imMDV pipeline, which is being developed by the company, is a new drug delivery system that overcomes the limitations (low encapsulation efficiency, stability and drug release behavior) of existing nanoliposomes.

  • imMDV i-Vaccine TIME control
  • ICBT

Vaccine adjuvant

The immune booster is a new vaccine adjuvant that can effectively induce and enhance cellular immune response in addition to the humoral immune response. Our DD-A-NE (IQ) series of immune boosters is being developed as an anti-cancer vaccine pipeline by combining cancer-specific antigens. In particular, DD-A-NE (IQ) can be stored at room temperature through lyophilization, can enhance the immunogenicity of antigens in various infectious diseases (TB, Zoster, etc.) where cellular immune characteristics are important, and it can also be used as a vaccine adjuvant.


Highly pathogenic influenza therapeutics

Influenza virus infections cause massive social and economic losses worldwide yearly (World Bank estimates 200 trillion won; Asia Development Bank estimates 250-300 trillion won). According to the WHO, a high-risk influenza outbreak could lead to a human catastrophe like the Spanish flu that killed 50 million people worldwide in 1918. There are currently antiviral medications such as Tamiflu, nevertheless, Influenza viruses resistant  to the antiviral drug are emerging, and the development of treatments addressing the high-risk influenza is still inconsequential worldwide.

  • A
    • Highly pathogenic influenza virus(IAV) (1x105 pfu)
      Protein D3

    • B

      All mice infected with high risk influenza died. Mice survived 100% when injected with DD-I001.

    • C

      Approximately 97% of the viruses have been removed when injecting DD-I001 in the lungs of mice.

  • DD-G001

    Hangover recovery

    Hangover cure using a mixture of green tea extract and γ-PGA.

    • green tea extract
      • Catechin is the component responsible for the bitterness of green tea

      • A polyphenol that lowers body fat and improves anti-oxidation effect and blood cholesterol level

    • γ-PGA (polygamma glutamic acid)
      • Poly-gammaglutamic acid is the mucous substance of ‘Cheongguk-jang’

      • A polymer of amino acid biologically active with high molecular weight

    Green tea extract and γ-PGA mixture
    • Scientifically proven

      Proven to have an inhibitory effect on alcohol absorption in
      a SCI-grade paper publication

    • Excellent efficacy

      Excellent effects observed on related animal studies and
      clinical trial

    • Diverge technique

      Sustained absorption of alcohol absorption in the blood within
      the gastrointestinal tract

    • Persistent effect in hangover recovery

      The effect lasts up to 3 hours
      after drinking