Develops Immunosuppressant and Antibiotics against Super Bacteria

About HLB Science

HLB Science is a Company that develops First-in-Class Biological New Drug With an Innovative MoA to Infectious Diseases

Company History

Leaping Phase (2020~)
  • 2023

    Proceed with IPO
    Conduct Phase II clinical study for Sepsis and super bacteria infection

  • 2022

    Changed the name to HLB Science
    Preparation for phase I clinical study for Alzheimer's disease
    Start phase I clinical study and prepare for phase II clinical study for sepsis and super bacteria infection treatments

  • 2021

    Non-clinical studies of treatment for Sepsis and Super-bacteria infection

  • 2020

    Listed in KONEX


    Selected as “Development of Infectious Disease Prevention and Treatment Technology”(Ministry of Health and Welfare)

Growing Phase (2017~2019)
  • 2019

    Selected as “Research Foundation Investment Linkage Project”
    Selected as “Innovative New Drug Pipeline Excavation Project”

  • 2018

    Changed the “Largest Shareholder” to Next Science

  • 2017

    Established Corporate Research Institute

Establishing Phase (2016)
  • 2016

    Established HLB Science, Inc.